We started production on this film in early 2011 and while we initially wanted to explore the builds, bikes and riders, we instead followed this film in a different direction focusing on two very different themes. One is of the interests of the cafe racers in Tokyo, which is a very small and personal scene, and the other is the city itself.


In the Summer of 2011 we released a very short teaser from the film called, Cafe Racers Japan - Tokyo Rockers. A very broad and familiar title that we used while we were working out the kinks and deciding how we would re-approach this project. 

In 2012,  we completed the film and released the Trailer for Cafe Racers Japan. We launched a global, on-line release of this movie in October 2012. 

Since releasing Cafe Racers Japan it has been included in festivals in Barcelona and London.

From the opening scenes you soon realize that this is not your typical talking heads documentary, but instead an atmospheric ride filled with color, music and imagery.

The movie is comprised of two parts: The interviews, that give insight to different perspectives of who the cafe racers are and what they are passionate about. And the imagery of Tokyo, as we take a journey through the seldom seen empty streets of the city that leaves us with a feeling of solitude and melancholy.

Cafe Racers Japan is only 15 minutes long, but it’s able to combines; interviews, visual imagery and music to create a unique and different approach.