Christopher Andrew Cooke is a Photographer / Film Maker who has worked in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Spending more than two decades living in Tokyo and developing his skills, he has managed to connect with Japan`s sub-culture, food culture and fashion scene .

His photography communicates the urban environments in both Los Angeles and Tokyo. He focuses on street photography producing mostly black and white, deep in shadow, contrast and composition and some color photography, letting the composition work with muted  colors.

In addition, Christopher shoots street fashion photography and while in Tokyo he will be launching new mixed media projects illustrating Tokyo's vibrant urban landscape and some of it's innovative artists.

As for his short film projects, he uses the sounds and imagery of the city to create different atmospheres, as can be seen in his documentary short  Cafe Racers Japan and his collection of 3 short films. 

Christopher has created over 50 short film projects including narrative short film, documentaries, and culinary media, he approaches each project with the same passion, carefully blending shape, light and color to produce imaginative and informative content.